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The Reasons why People Get Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are different reasons as to why many people get the drugs and alcohol addiction. People who are prone to diseases like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and other different illnesses can be tempted to start using drugs. The people who use drugs or alcohol can temporarily make someone feel normal again just like they were feeling before. when a person have a mental problem many people shy away from discussing these issues with either the doctors or their family members, and so they turn to drugs to hide their problems. The drugs will suppress the pain, and you will forget that you have a problem temporary and in the process because of the good feeling you will be addicted to using the drugs so that you can have the same good feeling.

Many teenagers think that it is easy to use and handle drugs and also be able to control especially in a situation whereby they see the people they consider as their role models doing the same, and in the process they become addicts. The content of the entertainment that people are watching in today’s world is full of references to drug users, and this can encourage many people to start the fantasy thinking that it is trendy, and in the process they will be addicted to the lifestyle of drugs and alcoholism. A family who has a history of drug addiction creates a viable environment for many other family members get addicted than a family with a clean record of drug-free addiction.

Other people will think that when they are bored drugs can be an alternative that can solve this problem. The young people can have an addiction problem because they are not so committed and they are not worried about bills and other responsibilities that they have to fulfill. Others use the drugs thinking that it will relieve them of their stresses. Using drugs and alcohol can be as a result of one being stressed and feeling helpless and out of control over some issue that is disturbing you.
The Essentials of Options – Revisited

Some people might become addicted to drugs that have been prescribed to them by their doctors thinking that it is ok. Over using the prescribed drugs by your doctor can end up becoming a bad addiction.
Using alcohol and drugs can be as a result of trying to fit in with your close friends, and in the process, you be addicted.4 Lessons Learned: Options