The Appropriate Sport Type for Elder

Not only for young people, exercise is also very important for the elder. A false understanding must be immediately removed that elderly parents just need to enjoy life by relaxing.

When we are elder, the organs of the body will definitely decrease. However, the process of decline in organ function can be controlled. The decrease can occur quickly or slowly depending on one’s lifestyle.


A study says that a lifestyle that is too relaxed actually increases the risk of death from heart disease. This is because of the weakening of the heart muscle function due to lack of physical activity. Therefore, those who are elderly should keep the spirit of exercise to keep his life quality.

Special sports for parents differ in levels and their intensity with youth sports. Therefore, selecting a sport that is suitable for their legal obligation so as to prevent them from injury.

Here are some sports for those who are elderly, including:

1. Gymnastics for Elder

This type of heart gym is perfect for those who are elderly. Movements in the gymnastic session should be appropriate for their age. Fast and dynamic movement is not recommended.

2. Walking

Invite your elderly father, mother, grandparents or uncles and aunts to participate in a healthy walk. Make sure that they are still able to do so. Choose a route that is not too far and the road is flat, avoid the road uphill. Walking activities can help strengthen the muscles of the body, improve bone mass, strengthen their heart and lungs.

3. Lift the load

Do not imagine them lifting barbs that weigh a hundred pounds. Lift the right load for the parents can be just as heavy as a bottle of medium-sized mineral water. This exercise is useful to keep exercising the strength of the muscles of their hands. If necessary follow the fitness training program for the elderly.

4. Push-ups

When doing this activity they should still be accompanied, do not let them do it alone. This sporting activity aims to strengthen the muscles of their shoulders.

Basically, all activities that can sweat and burn calories are included in the sport. Such as washing dishes, mopping floors, washing cars, etc. The elderly desperately need the support of their relatives to remain excited about their day. Do not ignore them. Everyone will eventually grow old, but whether we will remain productive or not when old will depend on our choice when young. Avoid the things that can accelerate the aging process of our organs. Like cigarettes, alcohol, stress and unhealthy foods. Always maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as a good sport while young. Rest assured that your body will remain strong until old age later.