Sky Super 6 – What You Need to Know

Just predict the scores of 6 selected premier leagues games and win big, up to a quarter of a million quid. Simple eh? There’s not much more to tell about this great offer from Sky Bet, who off the Super 6 bets. The difficulty comes when predicting the scores, the process is simple.

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The Super 6 Bet

Described by many as the ultimate test of your footballing knowledge, though they can create some frustration. I mean, have you been just 1 goal away from a massive pay day only to see your man sky it with the last kick off the game? If you are an experienced footy betting person, then the answer to that question willbe yes. If not, then you’ve got it all to come. So, jump on this now and get it out of the way.

Now, you don’t have to be exact with this Sky Betbet, like a few otherswho know the difficulty involved when selecting 6 results. If you manage a good score tally, that beats all others participating then you can still walk away with a gift, up to £5,000. Not bad, eh?

Any avid football fan will tell you; it’s a tricky one. Some say, you may as well give your wife the pen and get her to fill in the coupon for you. Well, just do it online, coupons aren’t for anyone anymore.

Lucky punters can win up to £250,000 for 6 correct predictions. The beauty of this is that you only need an account too, it’s absolutely FREE to make predictions and potentially win big. There are some great deals for sign-up too, take a look at the latest Sky Bet offers by clicking here.

The Sky Super 6 challenge is run with Sky Bet, for details of signing-up along with Sky Bet offers for new customers visit this page –Sky Bet Sign Up.

Sky Super 6 Prize Winners

 A guy going by the name of Mr Houghton, scooped the quarter of million after the prize went without a winner, for nearly 2 years. Funnily enough, it was his first attempt, he’ll no doubt play again.

Other winners have been Peter Townley and Jonathan Kilpatrick.  These are the big winners we know about. So, to be part of it just sign up with Sky Bet today. It’s free, fun and could get you a few quid too.

Good Luck and let us know how you get on with it.